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Poverty Busters - Teaching The Poor To Help Themselves


(Watch this short intro video w/music) – Poverty, disease and miserable environment affect many lives, and Miracle Airlift provides real self-help solutions. For example, in Mexico many low-skilled workers are very poor. They’re desperate and willing to risk life and limb to work illegally in the U.S.  Actually, their best solution is to get a better job in Mexico. Miracle Airlift makes it happen, with job training for low-skilled workers. Vocational training imparts the knowledge, skill, and experience which transforms disadvantaged people into skilled workers. They can earn enough to support their families in Mexico, and there they stay.  Because people really want to live where they feel at home.

“The greatest charitable work is teaching the poor to help themselves”

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Who We Are

Miracle Airlift is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) public charity, based in San Diego. We help impoverished people improve their quality of life.


Donations to Miracle Airlift are tax-deductible.

Directors and Officers serve without pay. We are all volunteers.

The best way to donate is PayPal Giving Fund. No PayPal account?  Use your credit or debit card.


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