Who We Are

Miracle Airlift, Inc. is a nonprofit tax-exempt public charity, incorporated in the State of California and based in San Diego. Our mission is to help improve the physical, social, and economic conditions of people living in poverty.

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What We Do

We accomplish our mission by providing material, technical assistance and transportation to self-help programs throughout México. Self-help programs are projects implemented by volunteer labor, to improve conditions in urban neighborhoods and remote area settlements. Our emphasis is on medical needs, nutrition, and vocational training. The workers are associates of our Native Volunteer Worker Network of almost 500 volunteers throughout México.  For a clear and concise explanation, see “Why Are You Doing That?” in the Presidents BLOG.   See PROJECTS & OVERVIEW for Work, Goals, Objectives, and Strategic Plan.

How We Use Donations

100% of your contribution is used in the furtherance of our mission. Specifically, that means your money is used to pay program costs and operating expenses.

Food, materials, tuition aid, and transportation for volunteers are program costs. Operating expenses are the costs of doing business, which includes everything from vehicles to ink for the printer.

Staff salaries can be a significant part of operating costs for some charities, but not here. Directors and Officers serve without pay and no one working directly for Miracle Airlift, or our projects, is paid or compensated for their work.  All are Volunteers.


Tax Deductible 

Miracle Airlift is tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code. Donations are tax deductible.  See ABOUT for information about tax deductions and exempt organization public disclosures

Donate Now

Just $10 will feed a primary school child a nutritious cooked to order breakfast for a week.