“People pretend they don’t see us.”

Walk through “El Bordo” with volunteers as they invite people to dinner. This is a dangerous place. One resident said a body is discovered every week. That same day an emergency required “first aid” and we had to improvise. The second half of this video shows the CROWD who came out of the shadows for a meal.

It’s wonderful that so many of you came!

Volunteers of all ages gather in the parking lot for briefings. Here they form up in teams for each of the different tasks to be done. And, they are gently reminded that some people in this Shelter may feel unloved and abandoned…  Food preparation, haircuts, and manicures bring the volunteers very close to the residents. Watch the interactions between old and young (or not so young). Their first and best mission is love!


Volunteer Beauticians: “Let’s do it again!

Our Hair Brigade project is so much fun! Every time we do a Hair Brigade it’s a kick! We love working with these ladies (students and grads). With so many kids around, we never know what they might do!  A terrific project and a proven success, these ladies are trained professionals who support their families.


  Scenic mountain views.  Miners and their families. (View in HD)

The “old eagle” in flight

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